Classic Editor

Gutenberg is the standard WordPress page builder and content editor. Before Gutenberg, there was a far simpler page building experience core to WordPress, now referred to as the ‘Classic Editor’. This plugin disables Gutenberg and re-enables Classic Editor.

Classic Editor is an official plugin maintained by the WordPress team that restores the previous (“classic”) WordPress editor and the “Edit Post” screen. It makes it possible to use plugins that extend that screen, add old-style meta boxes, or otherwise depend on the previous editor.

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User experience

CMS users cannot configure when to use the Gutenberg editor so that the ‘edit post’ screen uses the old-style editor.


  • Allows compatibility with legacy code or plugins that have not yet been upgraded to be compatible with Gutenberg
  • Can provide a simpler and less powerful CMS experience for site managers who want to restrict user editing freedoms


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