The open-source Pimcore software is an Master Data Management / PIM tool (and much more) that medium and Large enterprises use to collect their Product information. In Qala it can be used to centrally manage what images should be used on what market, what product information should be pushed to what market, and what products should be pushed to what market.

User experience

When the information is up in Pimcore, and the WooCommerce <> Pimcore integration is active and configured, that information is seamlessly synced to WooCommerce. Magic.


Pimcore has several features

  • Open source, so no license fees
  • Battle-tested PIM functionality
  • Solves some of the annoying things in WooCommerce where we sometimes feel like we’re clicking ourselves to death.


  1. Qala infrastructure
  2. WooCommerce <> Pimcore integration

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