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Qala project pricing

A basic Qala project costs £15k/150k SEK but typically a client needs to commit to £20k/200k SEK as there are almost always bits of customisation or extra work to be done.

  • Technically, a Qala instance includes:
  • Set up Qala infrastructure including hosting environments (local, staging, production)
  • Style guide design process
  • Implementation of style guide
  • Setting of standard taxes (for EU & UK sites)
  • Normal launch and quality measures
  • Simple training in 1-2 hours

The end result is a fully functioning ecommerce site that is branded appropriately and live on the web, ready for customers and iteration.

We recommend keeping the initial project as small as possible but it is quite normal to need to add in customisation or launch with several localised sites or optional modules – all of which will increase project cost.

Ongoing services pricing

Qala is a fully managed solution, meaning that your site will be hosted and that all updates to WordPress, plugins and themes will be completed by our maintenance team on a silent basis. This maintenance work is warrantied so that you never have unexpected costs around updates.

The minimum cost for ongoing services is £500/mo but we always recommend adding some retained support hours to this. Most clients spend £700+/mo depending on the rate at which they want to develop their site post-project. Some Qala optional features require higher tier plans.

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