Qala demo site launch!

What better way to show off Qala than by releasing our own store?

For the past few years, Angry Creative have been quietly working on a productised version of WooCommerce.

Why Qala?

Having built hundreds of WooCommerce sites, we learned the hard way some of the pain points around starting a WooCommerce site and then running and growing it for years:

  1. Finding a reliable and expert partner
  2. Knowing what you need right away and what you can grow into
  3. Selecting the right modules to achieve your requirements
  4. Being able to scale the site’s functionality and revenue
  5. Lining up the right integrations at the right business stage
  6. Smooth and predictable project delivery
  7. Rock solid hosting, maintenance and support
  8. Keeping costs low but being assured of quality and long-term sustainability
  9. Conflicting and confusing responsibility between hosters, developers and vendors

Out of these pain points, Qala was born. Qala is a combination product built on WooCommerce with a productised service that helps you get up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

What is Qala?

WooCommerce typically gets difficult and complex at the point you try to internationalise – and that’s Qala’s sweet spot. You can find out more about Qala’s internationalisation and other features in full here.

These features are supported by over 60 underlying modules – including:

  • Open source WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Curated free and premium plugins from the WordPress ecosystem
  • Angry Creative’s own open source plugins
  • Proprietary secret sauce at the infrastructure level that powers some of Qala’s most impressive features

With this impressive base to build on, our team work with you to understand your specific requirements and tailor your Qala site just for you. We ensure the site is not only great at launch, but will provide a solid platform for growth.

You can find out about costs and what’s included in a Qala project here.

Ongoing support

As anyone who has run a business-critical website before knows, the initial project is just the opening chapter in the story. Qala is a fully-managed service meaning that we take care of hosting, maintenance (updates), support, backups, performance, security and will work with you to create a roadmap for your own ecommerce success. No more negotiating between agency, plugin author and hosting provider: Qala is a single point of responsibility.

How do I get going?

That’s the easy bit! Just contact us and let’s talk.