Klarna Checkout

Klarna Checkout lets you provide your customers with truly smoooth purchase experiences.

Our checkout is a seamless and mobile optimized solution that comes with all our payment methods through a single integration. Klarna will improve your checkout experience by providing direct payments, pay after delivery options, and installment plans that let consumers pay whenever and however they prefer. It identifies the customer and enables one-click repeat purchases across Klarna’s merchant network, resulting in increased average order value and conversion rates.

You’ll have one agreement, one point of contact, one settlement file, one payout.

  • Mobile-optimised online checkout.
  • Management of all transactions including card and APMs.
  • One-click repeat purchases.

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User experience

A YouTube video here explains the key user experiences of Klarna Checkout


  • Conversion
    With pre-filled info for returning customers, and single-tap payments, shopping has never been easier. The simple and constantly optimized checkout flow will make fewer people drop off.
  • Customer loyalty
    Exceeding the customer’s expectations will increase both satisfaction and the number of happy, returning customers. Our 24/7 customer support is always ready to help.
  • Minimized risk
    Klarna takes the full credit and fraud risk on all purchases for you, for all payment methods. Even when a customer makes a return, we cover the chargeback cost.
  • New traffic
    Partnering with Klarna will increase your website traffic. Our strong brand and influencer collaborations speak to shoppers, who are actively looking for retailers that offer our payment methods.


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