MultilingualPress is the best way to build an internationalised WordPress experience. It works with WordPress multisite (a core WordPress feature that allows WordPress to run as a network of sites all under one installation) and extends it to connect these different sites for site managers, visitors and robots to create a multilingual, internationalised site. It is a foundational component of Qala and one upon which many Qala features depend.

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User experience

Website visitors experience the most appropriate site (locale) within a WordPress network for them based on their location and browser settings. The user can easily switch between different locales. The locale contains content and settings specific to that locale such as shipping options, currencies, prices, stock and far more.


Based on years of experience, MultilingualPress is simply superior to other approaches to internationalised WordPress. Our key reasons are:

  1. No adverse impact on performance (notably different to other approaches).
  2. Creates and individual site per locale which allows your international store to enjoy all the features and benefits of WordPress multisite such as network- and site- level controls and team access. In other words it allows you to structure your ecommerce site’s management and control structures with those required by your organisation.
  3. Excellent compatability with WooCommerce and a range of other plugins.
  4. Very mature plugin with its own ecosystem.
  5. Excellent support from the plugin developers.
  6. Allows for subdomains/subdirectories or separate top level domains for each locale.


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