Safe SVG

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a file format for images that are described by code rather than bitmap. SVG graphics have a number of key benefits including: much smaller file size, the ability to animate or control the image through code and infinite scalability (you can find out more about SVG here). This format isn’t suitable for all images, but where it is suitable, it’s a great option. By default, WordPress does not allow SVG files to be uploaded to the Media Library – as they are code they can be insecure.

Safe SVG is the best way to Allow SVG Uploads in WordPress!

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User experience

A visitor to your website sees images that load quickly and are crystal clear at any screen size.


It gives you the ability to allow SVG uploads whilst making sure that they’re sanitized to stop SVG/XML vulnerabilities affecting your site. It also gives you the ability to preview your uploaded SVGs in the media library in all views.


  • Sanitised SVGs – Don’t open up security holes in your WordPress site by allowing uploads of unsanitised files.
  • View SVGs in the Media Library – Gone are the days of guessing which SVG is the correct one, we’ll enable SVG previews in the WordPress media library.


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