Woosa – Adyen for WooCommerce

With Woosa’s seamless integration, WooCommerce merchants can connect with our payments platform quickly and easily, gaining access to our sophisticated enterprise features straight out of the box.

Expand into any market and automatically serve customers their preferred payment methods with one quick and easy integration via WooCommerce. Let your customers pay the way they want, no matter in which country they are. Offer access to all important local payment methods, including all major cards, mobile wallets like Apple Pay and WeChat Pay, and many more. Get the industry-leading checkout of Adyen with fraud protection, and conversion optimization out of the box.

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User experience

Payment forms are loaded within the WooCommerce checkout via an iFrame.


All important payment methods worldwide

  • Accept online payments within WooCommerce for (almost) every country worldwide.
  • Adyen is used by great companies, such as: Netflix, Microsoft, Uber and many more.
  • The country of the visitor is recognized so that he doesn’t see irrelevant payment methods.

Make payments as easy as possible

  • Your client can save his creditcard credentials, within his WooCommerce account for a future purchase.
  • All data is stored via tokenization, this means nothing will be actually saved or stored within the database of your webshop.


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