Aelia Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

Aelia Currency Switcher for WooCommerce adds multi-currency support for WooCommerce on a per-install basis.

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User experience

Where multiple currencies are available, a shop visitor is presented with product pricing in the most relevant currency as determined by their Geo IP (i.e. their browser’s estimated location in the world). There is also normally a currency switcher that allows a website visitor to override the suggested currency and to see pricing in another currency. This currency pricing is carried right through to the payment gateway so that the user sees and pays for their cart contents in that same currency.


Currency switching is valuable in multiple scenarios:

  • Where a single shop is being used to serve multiple countries that have their own currency (e.g. a regional ‘North America’ shop that serves the US, Canada and Mexico)
  • Where the shop is in a country with multiple official currencies (e.g. Namibia: Namibian dollar (NAD); South African rand (ZAR))
  • Where a merchant wishes to offer multiple currencies for any other reason

The benefits of this particular plugin solution are as follows according to the plugin authors.

Key Features

  • Easy to use for both merchants and customers.
  • Allows customers to shop in their preferred currency.
  • Automatic update of exchange rates, via Open Exchange Rates, WebServiceX and Yahoo! Finance (more providers coming soon).
  • Allows to set exchange rates manually, instead of having them updated automatically.
  • Allows to enter prices in each currency for products and coupons, without having to use an exchange rate.
  • Allows to set a base currency for each product, and calculate prices in other currencies automatically.
  • Automatically detects of visitors’ country (geolocation), with currency set accordingly.
  • Filters available payment methods depending on the selected currency.
  • Visitors’ preferred currency is persistent and it will be selected automatically at their next visit.
  • Integration with the multi currencies feature of Google Analytics.
  • Allows to automatically select a currency based on customers’ billing or shipping country, rather than letting them choose it explicitly.
  • Comes with free integrations with some of the most popular official WooCommerce plugins, such as Subscriptions, Product Add-ons, Bundles, Composite Products, Dynamic Pricing, and more.


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