AC Language Picker

The AC Language Picker helps the visitors to switch between different locales within a multisite connected by MultilingualPress.

User experience

Allows the sites visitors to switch locales by using a drop-down or fold-out selector (fold-out is only available on Qala version 3 onwards) which can be used in multiple locations on the site.


Gives site visitors the opportunity to find localised information in terms of language, inventory, currency, etc as available from the available locales. In turn this maximises the chance they will complete a purchase.


  1. WordPress
  2. MultilingualPress
  3. Optional:
    1. Aelia Currency Switcher
    2. Aelia Foundation Classes
    3. Synotio managed hosting (or a Synotio-configured Cloudflare)
    4. Cloudflare

CMS Setup

The plugin has a settings page. This is all connected through MultilingualPress and its HREFLANG connections.


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