Qala theme

This is the parent theme that should be used by all new Qala projects. The bulk of Qalas features, styles and functionality is contained within this theme. The exception to this is our feature plugins such as Qala Wishlist, Qala Filters etc. Any customer specific styles and/or functionality should not be placed in this theme.

Qala represents an incredible effort by many designers and developers over many years to build a flexible, quality and performant theme for WordPress sites and particularly WooCommmerce, battle-tested over hundreds of WordPress sites and stores and under continuous development.

The Qala theme was originally built around pre-configured ACF blocks but since Qala 3.0 also includes full Gutenberg support as a primary page building mechanism.

User experience

When a visitor views the front end (i.e. not the CMS) of a Qala website, they are experiencing the Qala theme. WordPress themes typically control the styling, look and feel and templating of a WordPress website and often help manage integrations.

The Qala theme is typically inherited and extended by what’s known as a child theme. This allows specific styling and customisation of the Qala theme whilst maintaining an upgrade path for the main Qala theme so that Qala sites can benefit from new features, fixes and changes over time.

Standard views

The Qala theme ships with all the standard views / templates that an ecommerce store needs. You can find out more here.


  • Many thousands of designer and developer hours of work
  • Complies with WordPress coding standards
  • Heavily tested
  • Under continuous development and improvement
  • Designed specifically to work with WooCommerce and Qala features
  • Open source
  • Compatible with ACF and Gutenberg
  • Allows production of stunning website front ends with the same underlying code quality


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