Qala Wishlist

This is a plugin for adding WooCommerce products to a wishlist. It is designed to work seamlessly with Qala but will also work with other themes although some styling may be required.

User experience

Visitors to a site can add products to their wishlist for later consideration and potential purchase. The visitor can also see and manage their wishlist either by viewing their wishlist page, or via a fly-out wishlist tool (depending on configuration).

The wishlist is saved persistently for logged-in users and via a session cookie for non-logged-in users, meaning that unregistered visitors can still use this feature.


  • Provides visitors with a way to build up a wishlist for later comparison, consideration and management of potential purchases
  • When linked with analytics, this feature can provide valuable insight by looking at pre-purchase activities
  • When linked with marketing automation, this feature can allow store owners to target visitors with personalised offers and prompts based on their wishlist
  • Designed to work with other Qala features including:
    • Filters
    • Quickview
    • Caching


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