Proxy Cache Purge

Where it will benefit a site, Qala’s infrastructure uses Varnish caching. Caching is technology that allows a web server to save all or part of a webpage in an ‘instantly ready to send’ form (as opposed to having to do any processing) which gives users a faster website experience and saves significant load and cost on hosting.

Caching needs to be managed carefully however, especially with an ecommerce experience so that the web server does not serve one visitor’s checkout or account details to another visitor. This plugin automatically manages purging of the Varnish cache so that changes made in the admin or otherwise (for example when placing an order) is reflected and old/stale content is purged.

Installing this plugin will not install varnish. It requires server configuration in order to work.

User experience

Visitors to your site can load pages on your site faster without affecting any other user experience negatively.


  • Fast page loads for better visitor experience
  • Reduced server load for economic hosting
  • WooCommerce-specific caching rules to protect user-specific functionality like cart contents


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